Simplify Complex Revenue Recognition

Empower your accounting team with real-time revenue visibility to close the books faster, maintain ASC 606 / IFRS 15 compliance, and deliver insights that drive growth.


Powering Top Accounting Teams with Automated Revenue Recognition

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Take control of your revenue…the right way.

Achieve ASC 606 / IFRS 15 compliance with unmatched speed and scalability.

  • Revenue Accuracy

    You can’t risk inaccurate revenue accounting. Eliminate errors and minimize audit risk by automating revenue recognition. Streamline sales and revenue data for accurate revenue metrics at your fingertips so you can make decisions that maximize profits and drive growth.


  • Real-Time Visibility

    Gain a complete picture of your financial health in real-time. Present your financials with confidence knowing you have full visibility into revenue contract metrics for recognized, planned, and unplanned revenue.

  • Scalable Revenue Recognition

    As your business grows, rev rec gets more complicated. Ensure you can adapt to current and future revenue models like subscription, usage, services, or a hybrid. RightRev can process hundreds of millions of transactions for any revenue model in minutes- performance unmatched by any other solution.

Revenue recognition is becoming more complex. Traditional methods fail to meet you where you are and where you want to go.

Problem One – Spreadsheets


Chaotic Spreadsheets

Juggling multiple spreadsheets increases accounting errors. Have you experienced sleepless nights fearing that you forgot to save your Excel files? Excel lacks version control and scalability, making it difficult to ensure data integrity. Get out of spreadsheets and have peace of mind knowing that your revenue recognition is error-free.

Problem Two – ERP


Hacking Your ERP

Customizing your ERP for current needs while ignoring future needs is limiting. Most ERP systems fail to manage complex elements like SSP allocations, contract modifications, modern deal structures like ramps or bundles and reporting for contract liabilities and assets. Ensure sustainable growth with flexible revenue recognition software that can handle the dynamic needs of your business.

Problem Three – System Limitations


System Limitations

Don’t mold your business around system limitations. Legacy software struggles with high volumes, limiting visibility into daily revenue. RightRev automates simple and complex use cases without sacrificing speed and performance. With real-time revenue metrics, you can confidently close the books faster.

Automated revenue recognition solutions

We do the hard part for you

Revenue Recognition Software For Anyone

Ingest Quote-to-Cash transactions and run revenue rules that comply with ASC 606 / IFRS 15.

RightRev was created to be flexible. Our revenue recognition software is built on an API-first model and easily ingests data from upstream sources. Automate your revenue recognition using pre-defined rules, such as upon bookings, billings, or user-defined events, and distribute revenue on a point-in-time or ratable basis—no customization, data transformation, or custom scripting required.

Revenue Recognition Software For Salesforce

Seamless revenue recognition automation and reporting, all in Salesforce.

Our Salesforce app requires zero integration! RightRev for Salesforce natively operates across all use cases supported by the platform. Your Rev Rec process runs alongside Salesforce, autonomously executing calculations based on pre-defined rules within Salesforce. Revenue reporting is extremely reliable with unified data and flexible based on your needs.

Own your revenue from start to finish

Automate every use case for a smoother revenue recognition process

  • Configurable Revenue Rules

    Identify performance obligations and assign proper revenue rules for separate performance obligations in a single revenue contract.

  • Event-Based Revenue Recognition

    Don’t limit revenue recognition to only bookings or billings; instead, configure unlimited events, such as product delivery, completed milestones, percentage of completion, provisioning, etc.

  • SSP Calculations & Analysis

    Automate tedious SSP calculations using intelligent historical analysis. Automatically apply SSPs to performance obligations and allocate across bundled contracts, saving you time and headaches.

  • Contract Modifications

    Contract modifications occur at any time during a contract’s lifecycle. RightRev’s predefined modification categories make this process easy by automatically detecting various changes, applying revenue rules, and recalculating revenue if necessary.

  • GAAP Revenue Reporting and Waterfall

    RightRev comes with out-of-the-box dashboards and  hundreds of pre-calculated metrics to enable ad-hoc reporting. Revenue Waterfall reports provide visibility for planned and recognized revenue.

  • Journal Entries

    RightRev integrates with your ERP to automatically post daily or periodic revenue Journal Entries to your General Ledger. Conveniently create Topside Journal Entries directly in RightRev.

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what our customers are saying.

“After considering various Revenue Recognition Platforms, we chose RightRev for its ability to handle our complex business needs like allocations, contract modifications, de-bundling of product SKU’s, and SSP Analysis, all of which have proven to be manual and complex tasks to perform.”

Alex Amaya
Senior M&A and Strategic Projects Accounting Manager – Epicor

“Combining front-end and back-end motions in Salesforce Revenue Cloud and RightRev for automated revenue recognition will optimize our accounting processes for maximum efficiency; saving time, reducing errors, and allowing us to close the books faster.”

Laura Brodie
VP of Finance – Docebo

“From the start of our conversations through go-live, the RightRev team has been fully committed to our success and we appreciate the investment they made in us. We challenged the implementation team with some unique requirements, and they came up with solutions for everything we presented.”


Chris Neidlinger
VP, Controller – Drata

Get out of spreadsheets and workarounds. Get back to Accounting.