The Power of Salesforce, the Hyper-Scalability of RightRev

Run your entire Quote-to-Revenue process on the Salesforce platform

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Align your sales and accounting data seamlessly in Salesforce

Report across all products and services–from subscriptions to one-time sales, training, promotions, and more.

RightRev uses activated Orders in real-time to automatically create a Revenue Contract that references pre-configured revenue rules for complete revenue recognition management. RightRev makes it easy to automatically or manually send Journal Entries to your General Ledger.

A complete revenue sub-ledger within Salesforce

for a clean and consolidated data feed into the General Ledger

  • Data Continuity in Salesforce

    Keep all of your Lead-To-Revenue transactions in Salesforce. RightRev works within the Salesforce platform, storing all revenue data in standard Salesforce objects.

  • Plug-n-Play from the AppExchange

    No need to manage integrations. Just install RightRev from the AppExchange and automatically process transactions using preset revenue rules that create accurate revenue schedules for every order.

  • Lead-to-Revenue Visibility

    Bookings, Billings, and Revenue in a single view in Salesforce. Gain visibility of your entire Lead-to-Revenue process and instantly tie back from revenue to billing, to order, to quote.

ASC 606 revenue recognition

Automate every use case for maximum performance

  • POB Management

    Track multiple performance obligations under one contract. Assign proper revenue rules that apply the appropriate revenue treatment for each separate performance obligation in a single revenue contract.

  • One-time, Subscription, or Usage

    Set rules for one-time sales, recurring revenue, or services. Recognize revenue upon bookings, billings, or user-defined events, including usage billing.

  • Contract Modifications

    Automatically group amendments and recalculate revenue without manual intervention.

  • Revenue Reporting and Revenue Waterfall

    Forecast revenue for recognized, planned, and unplanned revenue. Revenue waterfall reports show booked revenue as well as projected deferred revenue.

  • Automated Carves

    Effortlessly allocate revenues to the appropriate categories, ensuring accurate and efficient accounting.

  • SSP Calculation and Analysis

    Automate tedious SSP calculations using intelligent historical analysis. Automatically apply SSPs to performance obligations and allocate across bundled contracts, saving you time and headaches.

  • Event-Based Revenue Recognition

    Don’t limit revenue recognition to only bookings or billings; instead, configure unlimited events, such as product delivery, completed milestones, percentage of completion, provisioning, etc.

  • Journal Entries

    RightRev integrates with your ERP to automatically post daily or periodic revenue Journal Entries to your General Ledger. Conveniently create Topside Journal Entries directly in RightRev.

  • Cost Accounting

    Process and recognize various cost types such as Follow Revenue, Practical Expedient, and Event-Based. Cost metrics are automatically calculated in the system.

See it in action

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what our customers are saying.

“Combining front-end and back-end motions in Salesforce Revenue Cloud and RightRev for automated revenue recognition will optimize our accounting processes for maximum efficiency; saving time, reducing errors, and allowing us to close the books faster.”

Laura Brodie
VP of Finance at Docebo

“As we think about the future of Epicor, we think about scalability, completeness, and accuracy of data, and automation. As these objectives are difficult to obtain with our current manual processes, we have decided to partner with RightRev to help streamline not just how we do things today, but how we want to do things for the foreseeable future.”

Alex Amaya
Senior M&A and Strategic Projects Accounting Manager at Epicor

“From the start of our conversations through go-live, the RightRev team has been fully committed to our success and we appreciate the investment they made in us. We challenged the implementation team with some unique requirements, and they came up with solutions for everything we presented.”

Chris Neidlinger
VP, Controller at Drata


Yes, RightRev can integrate with your ERP. You can send revenue Journal Entries automatically or manually into your General Ledger. You can also create topside Journal Entries directly in RightRev.

RightRev solves for revenue recognition beyond simple, straight-line billing. With RightRev, you’re not limited to recognizing revenue only upon bookings or billings; instead, configure unlimited user-defined events, such as product delivery, completed milestones, percentage of completion, provisioning, etc. Additionally, RightRev has features that allow you to group contract modifications in a single contract and automatically recalculate and reallocate revenue accordingly. Our SSP calculator can analyze historical data to automatically apply SSPs to performance obligations and allocate across bundled contracts. RightRev can also support contractural ramps and multi-currency revenue reporting.

Yes, RightRev can recognize revenue for consumption/usage models. When overage usage consumptions are billed in arrears, upon invoice activation, the invoice item details are transferred to RightRev associated with order transactions in real-time to create invoice-based revenue recognition. RightRev can accommodate many forms of usage, such as credit burn-down, pay-as-you-go, tiers, minimums, etc.

Yes, RightRev can automate revenue recognition for your entire book of business. The beauty of RightRev is its ability to connect unique revenue treatment to each product, service, or type of performance obligation to your entire suite of products and services. Whether it’s full recognition upon delivery for Hardware, straight-light deferral for Software, or percentage of completion for Professional Services, RightRev will seamlessly automate these transactions for your business.

Over the years, ERPs have built and acquired extensions that aim to recognize revenue for recurring revenues, but these ancillary offerings typically have basic functionality that doesn’t match the needs of today’s customers who have complex use cases. ERPs tend to fall short of revenue recognition capabilities when it comes to grouping contracts by a customer, contract modifications for both prospective and respective revenue treatment, and the ability to account for consumption or usage-based revenue models, to name a few. Even with customization, the functionality is a duck-tape approach that tends to lead to manual workarounds and heavy implementations. Read more about the differences in our blog.

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