Enable New Revenue Models

“Simple subscription revenue” has morphed into complex software and service agreements that include trial periods, free-of-charge consumption allowance, usage-based tiered pricing, and short and long-term contracts with options to extend, renew, and rollover – what happened to simple?

Many businesses are limited in their ability to sell new product offerings due to the downstream complexity finance and accounting teams must manage. RightRev unlocks the power of your finance team to support the business with the latest accounting standards and whatever model they want to sell in.

Consumption-based Revenue Recognition

Expand your ability to stay ahead of the competition and adopt new revenue models. RightRev was built for consumption-based use cases so you can explore new way to go to market without being stiffled by your back-office technology (or lack of). With the ability to align with upstream processes and recognize future-dated invoices and recognize revenue in the appropriate accounting period, you aren’t limited to recognizing revenue based on billings. Expand your reach, maintain ASC 606 / IFRS 15 compliance, and eliminate manual consumption-based revenue recognition.

Usage Revenue Recognition with Configurable Rules

Consumption-based pricing models provide businesses and customers with greater flexibility, cost control, and scalability, as they ensure that costs are directly tied to actual usage or consumption, fostering a more efficient and customer-centric approach to pricing.

Tiered Pricing

The pricing model varies based on usage tiers, such as the number of users or data storage used by a SaaS provider.

Credit Burndown / Prepaid Usage

Invoicing is done in advance of the services/software being provided. Revenue recognition does not take place until periodic usage data is available. At that point, the usage data draws down the balance of the contract liability (deferred revenue) and revenue is recognized. The remaining contract liability sits on the balance sheet until fully recognized over time.


This pricing model charges customers only for the amount of product or service they use, without requiring any upfront payment or long-term commitment.

Minimum Commitment and Overage

This model enables businesses to charge customers at their commitment level on each invoice, providing predictability in revenue expectations based on their usage amount. Any overage can be accounted for with additional invoicing and revenue recognition.

And More

Don’t let system limitations hinder growth; we understand the headaches associated with product customizations, so we built RightRev with the ability to accommodate any consumption revenue recognition use case out-of-the box.

Transform your accounting team into a growth driver instead of a cost center

  • 100%

    Achieve up to 100% revenue recognition automation for zero-touch accounting

  • $10B+

    in customer revenue processed through RightRev

  • 5X

    Close the books 5X faster so you can spend time on more strategic initiatives. In a third-party analysis, RightRev demonstrated a 5X faster close than alternative solutions.

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