Why RightRev

Powerful, flexible, and scalable revenue recognition


What sets RightRev apart

Automate your entire revenue recognition process with precision

  • Powerful

    RightRev was built with every revenue recognition scenario in mind, from simple to the most complex. Achieve up to 100% automation of your revenue recognition process.

  • Flexible

    Flexibility is key to staying competitive in evolving global markets. Implement a solution that meets your needs today while allowing you to adapt to new business models in the future.

  • Scalable

    Our modern infrastructure sets a new standard for handling high-volume transaction throughput. Our highly deployable software can be implemented with minimal disruption.

Transform your accounting team into a growth driver instead of a cost center

  • 100%

    Achieve up to 100% revenue recognition automation for zero-touch accounting

  • $10B+

    in customer revenue processed through RightRev

  • 50%

    Close the books up to 50% faster so you can spend time on more strategic initiatives.

Own your revenue from start to finish

Automate all of your use cases for maximum performance

  • Configurable Rules

    Configure revenue rules for ASC 606 and IFRS 15 compliance to group performance obligations, products, services, orders, etc. into revenue contracts for accurate revenue calculations.

  • One-time, Subscription

    Set rules for your one-time sales, recurring revenue, or service provider business. Recognize revenue upon events like Percentage of Completion, Subscription Provisioning, Training, Milestone, Delivery, Consumption, and others.

  • Contract Modifications

    Automatically group amendments and recalculate revenue without manual intervention.

  • Automated Carves

    Effortlessly allocate revenues to the appropriate categories, ensuring accurate and efficient accounting.

  • SSP Calculation and Analysis

    Automate tedious SSP calculations using intelligent historical analysis. Automatically apply SSPs to performance obligations and allocate across bundled contracts, saving you time and headaches.

  • Cost Accounting

    Process and recognize various cost types such as Follow Revenue, Practical Expedient, and Event-Based. Cost metrics are automatically calculated in the system.

How automating revenue recognition works

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what our customers are saying.

“Combining front-end and back-end motions in Salesforce Revenue Cloud and RightRev for automated revenue recognition will optimize our accounting processes for maximum efficiency; saving time, reducing errors, and allowing us to close the books faster.”

Laura Brodie
VP of Finance at Docebo

“From the start of our conversations through go-live, the RightRev team has been fully committed to our success and we appreciate the investment they made in us. We challenged the implementation team with some unique requirements, and they came up with solutions for everything we presented.”

Chris Neidlinger
VP, Controller at Drata

“As we think about the future of Epicor, we think about scalability, completeness, and accuracy of data, and automation. As these objectives are difficult to obtain with our current manual processes, we have decided to partner with RightRev to help streamline not just how we do things today, but how we want to do things for the foreseeable future.”

Alex Amaya
Senior M&A and Strategic Projects Accounting Manager at Epicor

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